Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements

ABCO offers a complete range of private label nutritional supplements, customized to your formulation needs. Our facility includes a well-equipped production line, including multiple state-of-the-art high-speed encapsulation machines.

  • On site development and quality control
  • Food scientists and R&D specialists
  • High-speed Encapsulation and Packaging

Custom & contract MANUFACTURING


ABCO offers a full range of nutritional supplements, backed by the highest standards in the industry.

  • Vitamin Blends
  • Single Nutrients
  • Herbals and Botanicals
  • Liquid Blends
  • Protein Powders


ABCO offers a range of capsules, tablets, powders & liquids in conjunction with the highest of industry standards.

  • Capsules Produced at High Speed
  • Functional Powders
  • Sprays and Tinctures 

  • Ready-To-Drink Products
  • Time-release, Chewable and Coated Tablets

Our committment to quality

Science Based Innovation

Our technical services department is staffed with professionals from the following disciplines; Microbiology, Pharmacy, Food Science, Chemistry, Biology & Quality Assurance

Innovative Delivery Systems

ABCO is responsible for developing innovative delivery systems in dietary supplementation for multiple national and global supplement brands.

FAQ Dietary Supplements

At ABCO Laboratories, we manufacture capsules, tablets, liquids, and powder forms of nutritional supplements.

Yes, we have a wide range of label sizes that we can print in-house. 

It is not uncommon for customers to supply an ingredient.  We have a rigorous vendor qualification program, if the manufacturer of your ingredient qualifies within our program, and if the ingredient is approved as a dietary supplement.

Yes, we can produce topical CBD products.

Currently we do not offer blister packaging. However, we do coordinate with co packers that do offer that option.

Yes, ABCO can produce a wide range of certifiable organic supplements in capsule, powder, liquid  and tablet forms.